Top 15 First Kisses | Spencer & Toby | Pretty Little Liars

Spencer: He’s different.There’s something about him that’s…I don’t know.
Emily: Wow, a question Spencer Hastings can’t answer.

Toby: People cross the street when they see me coming and they think you’re trying to frame your brother-in-law; who else are we going to hang out with?

Toby: If you ever get the urge to run away again, call me first, okay?

Spencer: Look, I’ve never had a safe place to land, but now I feel like I do. So, I want you to stay safe.

Toby: If you need anything tonight, I’ll be there for you.

Spencer and Toby // season 1

time to drive my car too fast
time to walk before I run
time to be your 21

Top 5 OTP’s | 4. Toby & Spencer

melgesi asked: Spencer/Toby or Hanna/Caleb.